The Aeolians were a Hellenic tribe who, when they migrated to Asia Minor in the 12th Century BC, marked the beginning of Hellenic colonisation. They settled on the north-western shores of Asia Minor, an area which included the island of Lesbos.

This region was named Aeolis after the ancient Hellenic tribe that settled there, and we gave the same name to our residences with the aspiration that it will become a new way of life for all our guests.

This historical location provided us with the stone, water, colours and inspiration to create self-contained and spacious residences in idyllic surroundings by the sea.

Aeolis hotel in Lesvos has 4 maisonettes, 2 small apartments, 2 studios and 3 double rooms built around the swimming pool


All guests enjoy the warm and discreet hospitality of the Sotirakis family. From breakfast with the fresh home-made produce (eggs, cheese, jams and home-grown vegetables) right down to when we bid you “goodnight”.


Was born and raised in Athens, and pursued her studies in Athens and England. Her love of travelling and tourism has taken her career to Cyprus, Santorini, Mykonos and... Lesbos. Her father's birthplace became her favourite place and Aeolis became her home. To her, their visitors are more like house guests and she always provides personal hospitality, including when her services as a reflexologist are required.


Was born and bred in Athens, completed studies in tourism, and worked in Athens, on Kos and Zakynthos before she finally reached her destination: Lesbos. For Sofia, Aeolis is more than a family business. It's a little piece of heaven, which she wants each and every guest to experience. The peace and quiet, the colours of the sea are her gift to her guests and, if that wasn't enough, the group yoga sessions she offers make any resistance melt away.


AEOLIS Apartments & Studios

Evriaki, Gera Gulf, Lesvos Island
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