Archaeological Museum of Mytilene (old building). The history of Lesbos from the late Neolithic Age to the late Roman Period.Archaeological Museum of Mytilene (new building). Lesbos from Hellenistic to Roman times.Museum of Works by Theofilos. 86 paintings by Theofilos from the last six years of his life. The exhibition was created by Yiannis Tsarouchis.Teriade Museum - Library. This museum houses all of Teriade's publishing work.The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. Exhibitions dedicated to the petrified forest of Lesbos and the geological history of the Aegean.Natural History Collection of Vrisa. Fossils of vertebrates and invertebrates that lived in the area 2 million years ago, specimens of minerals, rocks and ores of Lesbos, a department of zoology and a department of botany.Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum. Digital Art Museum in Greece about the life and work of the Greek painter.The Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production. The development of the various machines, while special emphasis is given to the changes the introduction of mechanical power brought to the process of oil production.Olive-press - Museum of the "Archipelagos Society". The traditional oil production process.


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