Every point of the human body is reflected in the feet. Despoina is very proficient in working with feet, as well as the palms, face and ears, to improve the oxygenation of the bones and bodily functions, offering one of the best reflexology services on Lesvos.

The Wellness Centre of Aeolis
Is here for you with a series of specialized facial and body treatments tailored to your own needs. We provide treatments for relaxation, muscle pains, hydration, before and after sun. Also, reflexology massage, rejuvance massage—which provides a natural face lift effect and relaxes you, making you feel rested—body and back massage. We only use natural products and essential oils. Book an appointment and visit the Aeolis wellness center to experience sheer heaven. Make yourselves a present these holidays and satisfy your body, soul and spirit.

  • Treatments
  • Relaxing, anti-stress body massage 
  • Back and neck massage
  • Rejuvance (face)
  • Reflexology (foot massage)
  • Before-and-after sun facial treatment


AEOLIS Apartments & stüdyolar

Evriaki, Gera Körfezi, Lesvos Adası
Tel / Faks: (+30) 2251051127
Seyyar: (+30) 6978418845