Pet Friendly Hotel

In a case you are thinking where to leave your beloved pet in Aeolis is the best solution due that we are a pet friendly hotel! Your pet is welcome here! Behind Aeolis apartments there many quite paths and you can enjoy a beautiful walk with your dog.

Animal Welfare

It is not only people that you will meet upon your arrival at the Aeolis flats; you will also meet our pet animals. Kaloulis and a few of our cats will be the first to greet you.

Our love for animals prevented us from staying indifferent towards the strays of Lesvos and led us to an organized action for animal welfare. We feed, heal and help animals get adopted, which is our ultimate goal. We often work with the animal welfare service of Lesvos, and with respective services abroad.


Here are a few stories of people who adopted an animal.

Our Dora

Our Dora

In 2015 we stayed at Aeolis for two wonderful weeks. The reason why we had chosen for Aeolis was partly because I read about the good work Daisy & Sofia do for street animals. My husband knows me en warned me we would definitely not return home with a dog


But immediately at check in, there she was, our Dora

She directly came to me, put her head on my lap and asked for attention. What can I say, it was love at first sight. Ten days earlier Dora followed a German couple to the Aeolis resort. A skinny dog with rasta hair. That’s why Daisy shaved her, and we met her with only a bit hair on her head and a brush tail

During the vacation Dora slept at our apartment, we went on trips and really enjoyed our time with the three of us. Luckily my husband agreed that we couldn’t return home without her. So we arranged a flight ticket, bought a flight case and went to the vet for the vaccination, chip and a European passport. It was easy to arrange, especially with the kind help of Daisy & Sofia.


Now Dora is already 1,5 year with us and we’re very grateful that we have her, every day again. A very friendly, happy and lovely dog. We’re crazy about her!

There are many animals on the street, which all deserve a home. It’s frustrating I can’t save them all, but one is the beginning.

Brord & Sanja van Hees
The Netherlands

Mr Aolis

Mr Aolis

Dear Sofia and Daisy,

On the end of May 2013 we stayed for 12 days in your beautiful hotel on Lesbos.

On the first evening while we were sitting outside, a very cute cat came to visit us! He was so lovely and adorable!

Every evening he joined us! It was love at first sight. Sofia and Daisy did already know the cat well, he stopped regularly for some food and love. They took good care of him and a lot of other cats and dogs. Sofia called him chipchipshinel, I don’t think it’s the good spelling hihi. During the last days of our holiday we decide to take him with us.

Sofia was going with us to the veterinarian in Mytilini! There we give him the name mr. Aeolis, named after the hotel from Sofia and Daisy. By the veterinarian he get his entings and we arranged him a flight ticket back to the Netherlands.

While it’s a big stap, taking a cat with you on the airplane we never regretted it. He is a happy, lovely, playing, and sometimes a bit of a macho man. Now, in April 2017, mr Aeolis is still doing great. We now have a son of whoch is 2 years and they regularly play together.

Sofia and Daisy are doing very good work for the animals on Lesbos. It was a very special holiday for us!

Lots of love, Arjan, Maaike, Luc and of course, Mr. Aeolis.


Adopt animals, don’t buy them. It’s that easy. Give a stray animal the chance to have a home full of love and care; they deserve it!

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